Creating a Condominium Association Website


Recently, new website requirements for condominium associations in Florida have been put in place that must be met by July 1st, 2018. According to these requirements, any condominium association in Florida that has 150 or more units and that doesn't have any timeshare units must have an independent web portal or website. This web portal or website must be completely owned and operated by the association or by a third-party provider.

Management companies often provide association clients with their website as a way to provide easy access to association information as well as, in some cases, to facilitate owner payments. Under the new law, if your website or web portal is shut down for even a short period of time, whether it's caused by a change in management or a dispute over payments with the management company, you could end up violating the new law.

This often happens because management company agreements tend to specify that the association website or portal belongs to the management company and not the association.

If your Florida condominium association has 150 or more units, and you have a website that's provided by your management company, then you should review your agreement with them to determine who owns the website. For example, what happens if you terminate your agreement with your management company? Are there terms that establish what happens with your website content in regards to transitioning it to another site?

If the management company owns the website, then you should consider establishing your own independent website so that you can prevent potential interruptions in service and avoid violating the statute. You could also negotiate the ownership of the website in your agreement with your management company. However, establishing an independent website for your association is probably the best course of action.

If you have no website to speak of, then you need to get one set up by the deadline. Because setting up a website is no easy task, most condominium associations will turn to a third party provider. This is generally the best way to go, since creating an in-house website requires that you have web developers and designers on staff that can not only set up your site but maintain it as well.

If your condominium association has over 150 units, then you should review your management company agreement and consider establishing an independent website now.


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