HB 1237 / Florida Statute 718 Amendment of 2017

Florida Governor Rick Scott approved House Bill 1237 on June 26, 2017. This Bill addresses conflicts of interest, financial reporting, term limits, and among others, access to records.

"By January 1, 2019, an association with 150 or more units which does not manage timeshare units shall post digital copies of the documents specified in subparagraph 2. on its website". Read Full Law

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Law Requirements

  • Declaration of Condominium
  • Bylaws
  • Article of Incorporation
  • Addendums to Articles of Incorporation
  • Rules of the association
  • Management agreements, leases, or contracts binding the association
  • Annual Budget and proposed budget
  • Financial Report and proposed financial report
  • Certification of each director
  • All contracts or documents regarding possible conflicts of interest
  • All contracts or transactions between association and entity, which a director is financially interested.
  • The notice of any unit owner meeting and the agenda for the meeting, posted at least 14 days before the meeting.
  • Any documents to be considered during a meeting or listed on the agenda for a meeting. These must be posted at least 7 days before the meeting where the document will be considered
  • Notice of board meeting, the agenda and any document required must be posted before date require